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Hi David, this is Jason B, the US physician who emailed. I'm not there currently. I don't want to "just show up". I'm looking to connect with who ever may need emergency medicine clinical help. Also, I do work with a large refugee centered medical NGO and we are in the process of developing our plans for assistance in that area. (What is the best way to communicate with you?). -Jason

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The Charity Center for Refugees is an NGO set up in Chisinau in 1999 by a former Afghan refugee Djavid Paknehad. It's UNHCR main partner in Moldova. The permanent team is comprised of 8 people (director, deputy director, project assistant, fundraiser specialist, social assistant, employment counsellor, accountant, women community mediator). It usually provides food assistance, employment counselling, access to education, cash in some cases as well as cultural activities for refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection. It also manages jointly with the authorities the temporary accommodation center near to the airport. Regarding the current crisis, they are distributing food and necessary products to the refugees as well as cash assistance to those registered at UNHCR. If you want to help them financially, you can donate to its gofundme : https://gofund.me/05813d7a

You can check all their activities on their website ccr.md (in Ro, En, Ru, Fr), subscribe to their Twitter (CentreRefugees) and Facebook (Charity Centre for Refugees)

Thank you for all this hard compiling work David !

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