I was in Moldova last year and wanted to meet you. Now I am planning to return within the next month since my son it there. He is not concerned but seems to be out of the news loop. If the air space is closed, that is a complication. I understand overland from Bucharest is difficult. Any thoughts?

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Thanks David! I look forward to reading more about this. I'm guilty of interpreting such phrases in light of my research interests and assuming they are more dramatic than in reality.

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I'm curious (even nervous perhaps) about Dorin Recean's comment on "alignment of fiscal provisions with European standards". Did he elaborate at the AIM meeting? The Moldova-EU Association Agreement is very vague on fiscal policy*. Does this mean some imitation of the Eurozone Stability and Growth Pact, with declared limits on debt and spending? Georgia has already tied its hands in this way, and it has only caused austerity and inflexibility when it comes to crisis response.

* "The Republic of Moldova shall strive to establish a functioning market economy and to

gradually approximate its policies to the policies of the EU, in accordance with the

guiding principles of sound macroeconomic and fiscal policies, including central bank

independence and price stability, sound public finances and a sustainable balance of


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Moldova's per-emptive move against Serbian entry to the match is totally warranted. Serbia has and is totally aligned with Putin, its men fighting with Russians in Ukraine. Its better to offend the Serbian government than to have even the slightest chance that a terrorist act could happen.

As to Sor Sunday protests, do you not need a permit to protest? And if not, is not Moldova in a state of emergency and such acts, especially with the discover that the Sor party received financing from Russia?

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