Thank you for this - for a speculative article it does a great job of analysing the forces at play, and mapping out the year ahead. I'm convinced!

One thing I would add, regarding the war in Ukraine, is that I see positive signs that Europe has started acting to move firmly away from a military dependence on the USA. And seems to be taking steps to work around blockers like Hungary.

Economically and militarily, Russia has been weakened to the point where it should be well within the capabilities of Europe to finish the job.

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A superb article, as always, many thanks, David!

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Just a thought... There have been plenty of articles about how dodgy Shor backed politicians have been caught with dirty money.

I've not seen anything on the consequences of this for them though. Hefty fines? Jail time? Disqualification from public office?

The concern has to be that Shor and Russians can buy people faster than they can be convicted, or that they cover any fines...

Do you know what happens in these cases?

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